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YOUR PIX six mix


MONSTERUMI love to play together, so buy the family pack and save!

this listing is for YOUR CHOICE of six (6) MONSTERUMI. choose all the same type, pair up a few, or get one of each! they are:

AURORAGOREYALICE: interstellar party planner
CYQUADRAPUS: tentacled undersea lover
FUGUMI: poison fish friend
PUFFLEPUS: catty cohort
RAPIKORN: hybrid gone wonderfully awry
TRICLOPSEPHANT: wisest of pachyderms

MONSTERUMI stand an average 2 1/2 -- 3 1/2" tall. inspired by anime and art vinyl collectibles, they delight toy lovers of every age with their quirky design and bright colors.

i don't have unlimited color choices but i will happily take requests for the colors of your choice, or color themes, such as pastel, blues, pinks, muted, neon, etc.