• MONSTERUMI are works by one artist, crocheted and sewn by hand with acrylic yarn and polyester fiberfill, which are labeled hypoallergenic.  MONSTERUMI also hand paints most of their plastic safety eyes.  follow MONSTERUMI on facebook and instagram!

  • many MONSTERUMI may be gently machine washed.

  • MONSTERUMI are well constructed with all new materials, but have not been tested for child safety and are not recommended for pets.

  • MONSTERUMI are made with love and care with you in mind, and are not refundable.  MONSTERUMI aren't used to causing problems, though, preferring happiness.  if you have questions or concerns please contact me.

  • SHIPPING:  i use best cheapest, which is usually USPS.  all orders ship in 1-3 business days unless otherwise noted. if you prefer a specific shipping method, would like to purchase insurance, live outside the US, etc., contact me with details and i will work with you.